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About Us

Callum Yuill is our Senior P.Eng who completed much of his EIT program in our office. He secured his P.Eng in 2019. He has been with us since 2016 and knows our clients and our processes in and out. He is experienced in our residential construction practices. He can be reached by calling the office.

Recad Consulting has partnered with several different engineers all over the province of Alberta with unique skill sets to meet our customers unique needs. Each of our engineers have a keen knowledge for residential and commercial projects. When working with Recad Consulting you can be assured that we will match you with the best engineer for your project. Partnering with different engineers gives us the ability to keep the cost incredibly competitive within the market.

Shae Rogers and Shayla Pears are your contacts in the office. A/R, A/P and any and all administrative and scheduling and permit questions can be directed to them. If you have any questions about the process here at RECAD, please give Shae or Shayla a call first and they can assist you. The office staff is well versed and knowledgeable in the engineering process and welcomes questions and concerns. Feel free to speak with them about all your engineering questions.

Call 403-277-0890

Stan Peters is our inspector. He is a master framer and has been on the job site for many years. He is who we send for the majority of site inspections. Soils, Stone, Framing, foundation - you name it, Stan can help. And if he can't, he knows who can. Stan provides real world solutions to problems contractors and framers may run into during the construction process.

He can be Reached at 403-650-6509

Al Richards is always working on something new and exciting. Currently he is working with a partnering company on new and exciting technology in the world of Shoring and  different types of retaining walls. Please visit for inquiries about these products.

Give Al a call directly at 403-999-7600.

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